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We raise all our poultry according to the American Standard of Perfection!

Please look at the table below to see what poultry is currently available for purchase. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

General Information
Large fowl- the large breeds of fowl (They are sometimes called Standards, but this term should really be used for birds, large or bantam, that reflect the published standard for their breeds) Many breeds can be found in Large fowl and Bantam.

Bantams are more popular because they need less space in most cases; they eat less feed, and are easier to handle than most large fowl. They are the ideal size for children to start out with. For more complete information you can check with the American Bantam Association Standard or the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection.

True bantams are mostly only for exhibition. The reason for this is that most true bantams lay very small eggs and very few eggs. They also have no large fowl counterparts. Along with having very small bodies for meat production, bantams are just not big enough for slaughter

Description Variety Available Cost/Each (USD)
na Grey Saddleback Pomeranian na na

Grey Saddleback Pomeranian
Grey Saddleback Pomeranian Saddleback Pomeraniam This is an ancient German breed and is very popular as a market goose throughout Europe. In Europe it is found in Grey and White but the most popular and common form is Saddleback. In the US only the Saddleback varieties are common, in both Buff and Grey. The beak, legs and feet should be a deep pinkish-red and the paunch is single-lobed. These geese are good layers, producing 60-80 eggs in a season. Ganders weigh 17 to 18 pounds and geese about 15. Recognition by the APA of only the Saddleback varieties has given some Americans the wrong idea that Pomeranian means Saddleback and that all Pomeranian geese are Saddleback, and equally that all Saddlebacks are Pomeranian. This is a unique and ancient breed worthy of preservation. The APA Standard requires "orange red" extremities, rather than the original pinkish red).

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