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Please look at the table below to see what Livestock is currently available for purchase. If you would like additional information on a specific breed just click on the type of Livestock under variety! Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Description Variety Available Cost/Each (USD)
na Pygmy Goats na na
na Texas Dall Sheep na na
na Painted Desert Sheep na na

Pygmy Goats
Pygmy Goat Pygmy Goats A pygmy goat is a small breed of domestic goat; females weigh about 23 to 34 kg (35 to 50 lbs) and males about 27 to 39 kg (40 to 60 lb). Pygmy goats originated in the Cameroon Valley of West Africa. They were imported into the United States from European zoos in the 1950s for use in zoos and as a research animal. They were eventually acquired by private breeders and quickly gained popularity as pets and exhibition animals due to their good-natured personalities, friendliness and hardy constitution.

Although they produce a large amount of milk for their size, and can be eaten, pygmy goats are not typically used for milk or meat, unlike larger dairy and meat goat breeds. Pygmy goats tend to be more robust and breed more continually throughout the year than either dairy or meat goats. They have stomachs with four compartments: the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum, and the abomasum. As browsers, goats are similar to deer and enjoy variety in their diet, including woody plants.
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Texas Dall Sheep
Texas Dall Sheep Texas Dall Sheep These sheep are not related to the Alaskan Dall Sheep. The only similarity is their snowy white coloring and magnificent horns. The horns of Texas Dall, Painted Desert & Black Hawaiian Sheep are sought after for crafts as trophy mounts.

When spring arrives, the wool is shed in large patches with little or no help from the owner. This joined with the breed's natural hardiness, makes it adjustable to a wide range of climates and temperature variations. These sheep are hardy, low-maintenance animals that offer many advantages over conventional sheep. Striking color, ease of lambing, docile nature, magnificent horn growth, all combine to make this beautiful hair sheep highly desirable. Hair Breeds have more resistance to worms and other sheep illnesses.

They are more athletic than your wool sheep or larger hair sheep such as the Katahdin sheep these sheep have generally excellent mothering instincts in the ewes, with twins, triplets and the occasional quadruplets occurring.

No shearing - No tail docking - Hardy
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Painted Desert Sheep
No Image Painted Desert Sheep are spotted sheep created by crossing the Mouflon and Barbado breeds, with other breeds influenced in there as well. These are Corsican Sheep that have been bred to produce bi-, and tri - colored sheep. However, even the best breeding programs can occasionally produce solid white or solid black sheep.

While some consider the all white sheep produced by Painted Desert Sheep as Texas Dalls and the all black sheep produced by Painted Desert Sheep as Black Hawaiians, the efforts of those who are developing the solid black Corsicans into a recognized and unique breed and the solid white Corsicans into a separate breed are recognized.

Rams are horned and grow a thick mane, extending from chin to chest. Ewes may have horns or be polled but both rams and ewes are true hair sheep and shed their winter "coats".

Beauty - No shearing - No tail docking - Hardy
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